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Justino Garcia-Different Types of Adoptions

For nearly two decades, attorney Justino Garcia has helped to facilitate adoptions for individuals, couples, and families in New York City. Exclusively representing adoptive parents, Justino Garcia assists with adoptions in several categories, including domestic and foreign, step-parent or other family member, and adult and newborn. Families considering adopting can learn about a few of the different types of adoptions available.

Closed vs. open adoption – A closed adoption is one where there is no contact and no personal information exchanged between the adoptive and birth families. An open adoption allows for occasional contact between the adoptee, adoptive parents, and birth parents, whether through an exchange of photos or letters, or in-person meetings.

Domestic vs. international adoption – Domestic adoption refers to an adoption that takes place within the United States, while international adoption involves adopting a child from another country. Parents wishing to pursue an international adoption must satisfy the requirements of both their home state in the United States and those of the country from which they are adopting the child.

Agency vs. private adoption – An agency adoption is one that is arranged by either a private or public agency. A private adoption is one that is arranged by a third party such as a physician or attorney, or in some cases it is arranged directly between the birth and adoptive families.